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How Can I Undo Shift Delete for Free?

Is it possible to undo shift delete for free?

“Is it possible to undo shift delete for free? I’m wondering what I can do when I happen to meet such a problem in my computer. My sister asked recently that she pressed shift + delete to permanently move some files in her USB drive and she regrets now. She wants to find those deleted files back. 

Then I searched quite a lot blogs and forums, it turned out there do exist some solutions. But most of those suggestions turn to be useless. What can I do if I want to undo shift delete for free? Or does there really exist free and effective method to help undo shift delete? Any undelete software or suggestions are all welcomed.” 

What should you do before undoing shift delete?

One thing that you should be aware before taking action to undo the shift delete is to stop using the storage device. This will be very helpful to protect data from being overwritten by new data.

The other thing you can do is to select a suitable file recovery software if you wanna simplify file undeleting process. 

Two Recommended Methods to Undo Shift Delete for Free

Method 1: Free Undo Shift Delete Software

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Syston software offers a free undelete software for users with diverse solutions to recover deleted files. It’s 100% free and clean for users to apply and solve shift delete problems. Except helping undo shift delete for free, this software - syston data recovery free also supports to recover files under other circumstances such as to serve as a memory card unlocker to recover deleted files from memory card or recover deleted files from sd card. Three steps will do all complex jobs automatically once you follow the guide like after launching this software.

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Method 2: Undo Shift Delete Manually

To undo shift delete for free manually may be sort of complex, but if you keep aware to follow next steps:

1.Create the exact same file or file folder and give it the exact same name of the deleted one;

2.Right click the file or file folder, choose “Properties”;

3.Select “Previous Versions” and the deleted files will be showed there;
Choose wanted one and click “Restore”.

Sometimes this method may not work properly. You may not find deleted files by doing so. And Method 1 will be more reliable for you to undo shift delete for free. 

Video Tutorial for How to Undo Shift Delete for Free

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