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How to Restore Data after Upgrading Windows

Data trouble after upgrading Windows

“Hey there, have you ever encounter data loss problem when you upgrade your Windows and do you have any ideas to restore data after upgrading Windows? I’m wondering how many of you guys know why data loss problem happen when we upgrade Windows OS? And why?

Yesterday I upgraded my Windows OS from Windows 7 into Windows 10. It took for a while to finish the upgrading process. I did not notice that I stored some encrypted files together with my system files in C drive. After I upgraded the Windows, I realized that. But it was too late. I lost these files. Is it possible to recover those files? Please help. Thank you.” 

A common problem that may occur during the Windows system upgrading process is forgetting backup important data. And the biggest risk is to lose data stored in system drive. How to solve such a problem when disaster happen?

Recommended method for restoring data after upgrading Windows

Losing Windows data or important data after upgrading Windows is not really easy for ordinary users. It’s even sort of impossible for some data recovery service providers to solve such a problem. Now you may wonder how can it be possible to restore data after upgrading Windows or which tool can do the job?

Here we’ll suggest you to try Syston Data Recovery which is highly praised for its powerful capacity of solving complex data troubles under diverse complex circumstances. This software is a 100% secure and risk-free tool which is capable of restore system data after upgrading Windows. 

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How to use Syston Data Recovery to restore data after upgrading Windows?

If you are wondering how to use Syston Data Recovery to restore data after upgrading Windows, you can download this software and follow next steps now. You’ll see detail steps and moves by using this software to rescue data:

1.Select file type and click Next.
2. Select volume (the system drive or where you lost important data) and click “Scan”.
3. Restore found files/data and save them at a different(safe) spot.

Syston Data Recovery helps restore data after upgrading Windows.
Don’t bother anymore when you find no way to restore data after upgrading Windows. Syston Data Recovery is available to help recover data after Windows update and even solve other more data troubles for you.

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