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Recover Data after Windows Update

Data Lost Trouble after Windows Update

“Hey guys, can it be possible to recover data after Windows update? Why did I ask so? I lost my data after upgrading my Windows XP to Windows 7. Why I did not update XP to Windows 10? It’s still not the flagship version yet and I guess there may be some bugs in Windows 10. Therefore, I updated my Windows XP to Windows 7. 

Yes, you’ve guessed what happened. I lost my data. Some important data stored together with my system drive - C drive. It’s some business files including some important contracts. When I realized this, it was too late. I’ve already updated XP into Windows 7 successfully. I’m out of resource now. If you do know how to help me recover data after Windows update, please help. Thank you.” 

Therefore, you’re highly suggested to backup data before updating Windows OS. Or you’ll suffer data loss trouble. What if this case does occur to you, what will you do?

Overview of Windows Update

Usually updating Windows OS will solve many Windows system problems such as low working efficiency, system crash, virus attack or regular need for upgrading Windows system. This is very helpful for solving some internal mistakes in Windows. But on important tip that you should stop using the computer once you find data loss in your computer while updating or after updating Windows OS. 

This will help to avoid important data being overwritten by new data. And usually Windows updating will not really delete data, the system will make the file table or file space as free. That is to tell the users this space is available to store new data. Then this will mislead computer users that their data were gone. Is it possible for us to recover data after Windows update? How? Here in this article, we’ll introduce you a powerful & professional method - data recovery software to help you out. 

How to use data recovery software to recover data after Windows update?

Usually, a professional data recovery software can solve complex system data troubles for inexperienced users with simplified methods. You may feel puzzled or confused for having no clue to choose an effective data recovery software. Here we’d like to introduce you Syston Data Recovery. 

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Syston Data Recovery works excellently in retrieving lost data such as photos, videos, documents and even system files under different circumstances. You can directly download this software and follow next steps to recover data after Windows update now:

1.Select file type and click "Next".
2. Select volume (where you lost files) and click "Scan".
3. Restore found files/data and save them at a different(safe) spot.

Syston Data Recovery helps recover data after Windows update.
No worries are needed when you lose important data but have no ideas to recover data after Windows update. Syston Data Recovery will do and it can also solve other data troubles with Windows OS such as how to recover files after system restore Windows 10.

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