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Best Solution to Protect Data in Surface Book

Why need methods to protect Surface Book?

Why is it necessary to protect data in Surface Book? According to Microsoft, it’s known that Surface Book is really an amazing laptop which is the fist of its kind, adapting to the way you work - with touch, a Pen or a mouse. This new feature makes everything more enjoyable and convenient for users to deal with their daily jobs and life.

However, the ultimate versatility of Surface Book sometimes can also cause serious data troubles with careless operation. When users use pen to edit files or switch the way to use the laptop, it can be very easy to mistakenly delete important files on the surface. Is it possible to find way to avoid such a problem? Or if problems has occurred, what is the best solution to protect data in Surface Book? Any data recovery software or tools can help if problems have already happened?

Best Solution to protect data in Surface Book

With the 13.5” PixelSense™ display, Surface Book becomes a thin, light tablet which can perfectly work with OneNote and Surface pen. This feature makes it an ideal tool for designers. And it would be perfect to have a solution for preventing unexpected data problems from happening or to restore important data immediately in Surface Book.

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So how to find such a tool or solution? What is the best solution to protect data in Surface Book? Syston software provides one professional data recovery software - Syston Data Recovery which allows all users to protect important data from different circumstances. It allows Surface Book users to restore important data with ease. It even supports to fix other complex troubles such as to perform Adobe Photoshop CS6 recovery. How does this work? Here the following, you’ll see why it is the best solution for protecting Surface Book data.

1. Backup data and be careful

To backup data frequently is not really a big case in your daily life. If you be careful and remember to backup data, it will be the best way for you to protect data in case any unexpected problems happen.

2. Use Syston Data Recovery to restore data in Surface Book

Fee download Syston Data Recovery and get the serial key to activate it into pro version, then start to rescue lost data in Surface Book now:

Syston Data Recovery guides to protect data in Surface Book.

Launch Syston Data Recovery, choose file types and location >  Scan device and preview found data > Restore and save found data.

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To protect data in Surface Book is not really complex now. Syston Data Recovery makes everything easy and simple for you to protect and rescue data in Surface Book and other devices. 

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