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How to Recover Data from Crashed Windows 10

Syston Support Team 2016-03-28 9:04:53

Latest Windows 10 Updates Are Crashing PCs

Do you receive the Windows 10 warning for the latest countless updates? As reported that some updates are prone to cause system crash, get stuck, or force computer to reboot. Although Microsoft bares its mind to release a cumulative bug fixing solutions, it's still helpless for those who've lost precious data and files on their PC. Indeed, many people suffer a lot from severe data loss from crashing Windows 10 PCs when getting updates, and most of the loss are unaffordable. In this case, how to recover data from crashed Windows 10 becomes an urgent and rush task waiting to be solved.

Please don't be worry. We find you a fast and simple way to restore whatever you lost on a crashed Windows 10 computer. Syston data recovery software is fully compatible with Windows 10 and it's selected as the best-in-class Windows 10 data recovery software ever. When you feel uncertain about the capability of restoring lost data by yourself, try this amazing software which will automatically scan the hard drive and find all the lost data back.

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How to Use Syston Data Recovery to Recover Data from Crashed Windows 10?

To overcome data loss cases due to Windows 10 system crash, Usually, we would suggest users always have a backup of important information on a PC. However, as most of them have no backups maintained, the last solution here is to ask help from a third-party data recovery software, and Syston Data Recovery shall become the first choice. Its wizard-based user interface allows average people with little technical background to get back the lost documents, pictures, emails, movies and music as much as possible.

Refer to the 3-step user guide, and I believe you can easily retrieve data from crashed Windows 10 computer.

Step 1. Select file type

Confirm the file type of the missing files. Or you may choose "All file type" if you have various types of files to recover.

select file type to recover data from crashed windows 10

Step 2. Scan hard drive

Where were your lost files located? Choose the hard drive and let the software to have a quick scan.

scan hard drive to recover data from crashed windows 10

Step 3. Preview and recover

When the scan is completed, you can preview the files to check the file quality by means of "Type, Time and Path" and then recover them all.

preview and recover data from crashed windows 10

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