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How to Perform Encrypted Data Recovery

Encrypted Data Recovery Problem

How many of you ever met important encrypted data loss problem and do you have idea about how to make encrypted data recovery? What will you do when you encounter such a problem? What if such a problem happens to you, how will you solve this problem?

I recently met such a thing that my friend used my computer to transfer and move some important thesis report to help her with a important study subject. She encrypted the files in my computer and the system stored these files in the default path where I used to store important data. And my sister moved all those files into her storage device and deleted all the useless file folders. Actually, these file folders stored all my encrypted data including some confidential contracts and document. They are quite important and closely related to my job. When I found it, I asked whether she still have the copied file in her USB drive and I was told that my sister had thoroughly deleted those files. How can I restore my lost encrypted data?

Overview of Encrypted Data Recovery

According to Wikipedia: encryption has long been used by military and governments to facilitate secret communication. It is now commonly used in protecting information within many kinds of civilian systems. Encryption can be used to protect data "at rest", such as files on computers and storage devices (e.g. USB flash drives). In recent years there have been numerous reports of confidential data such as customers' personal records being exposed through loss or theft of laptops or backup drives. 

And Encrypted data recovery can be realized if the encrypted data are lost deleted or moved thoroughly. Usually, a built-in administrator account can help to restore encrypted data. But if you don’t have such an account, things will be complex. And if you’ve lost those files forever, what else solution can be done to rescue them? Here we’ll tell you how to directly perform encrypted data recovery.

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Recommended Method for Encrypted Data Recovery

Syston Data Recovery is a professional data recovery software which is capable to restore hidden files in computer and other storage devices. It is also capable of restoring encrypted files. The “Deep Scan” mode makes it simple and easy for you to restore hidden files including lost encrypted data. All you need is to download this software and follow next steps then:

1. Launch Syston Data Recovery on your PC. Select file type and click Next.
2. Select volume (the system drive or where your encrypted data were) and click “Scan”.
3. After that, choose “Deep Scan” at the bottom of this software interface. Let the program once again scan the selected volume and then choose fond data to restore.
This process may last long, you need to wait patiently. 

Syston Data Recovery helps to make encrypted data recovery.
After following the above steps, you can select your lost encrypted data and restore them. Except using Syston Data Recovery to help you perform encrypted data recovery, other complex problems like how to restore data after upgrading Windows can also be solved. 

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