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Complete Android Data Recovery Without Gaining Root Access

Summary: "Please ROOT your Android phone before doing the recovery". Do you feel embarrassed when you attempt to recover deleted, lost, formatted photos, songs, video files, text messages, contacts and so forth. Don't bother anymore if you're reluctant to root the device. There should be an approach to complete Android data recovery without gaining root access, by which won't void the warranty.

What's The Risk of Rooting An Android Phone?

With the development of Android data recovery technology, people are well protected from deleting files by mistake as most Android data recovery software in the market should be able to find them back. However, with one strict computer protocol, your Android phone has been rooted first.

Here come the major problems. How to root your Android device and what's the risk of rooting? People explain their worries eagerly that once their phone is rooted, the manufacturer won't take the responsibility if the set was ruined even by none human-related activities, such as hardware failure or OS errors. So what's the probable way out that we can easily do the recovery but don't root the phone? There is one approach you may have a try.

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Possible Ways for Any Android Data Recovery Without Rooting

It's common to see people using micro SD card on their Android phone, as the internal memory is far below enough. Fortunately, if you lost pictures, video files, music or some other applications on the card, you can perform the recovery in all probability without gaining root access to the phone necessarily by preparing a card adapter and downloading free data recovery software on your Windows computer. So the given solution behind are only applicable to people who use Android phone with a memory card, where the lost data was stored.

Useful tip: stop saving new files on the memory card right away when you accidentally deleted or formatted something. Take out the card, and connect it to the computer (Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista is supported) by using a card adapter. Download Syston Data Recovery and launch it on your computer.

user guide for Android SD card data recovery with Syston Data Recovery

Step 1. Launch Syston Data Recovery, first check if the software detects the SD card. Once done, select file type among "Graphics, Audio, Document, Video, Email, Other", or if you're uncertain about the file type of lost files, choose "All File Types". Go to "Next";

select file type to recover Android data without gaining root access

Step 2. The software now showcases all your computer hard drives and memory devices. Find the SD card and click "Scan", during which the software will have a quick scan and try to find the lost files.

select sd card to recover Android data without gaining root access

Step 3. When the scan is completed, you'll be presented with all the recoverable files found on the SD card. Just locate the files you're looking for by means of "Path, Type and Time", preview the file quality and then recover.

preview and recover Android data without gaining root access

This is the most likely way to rescue lost data on your Android phone without gaining the root access. To tell the truth, however, the SD card data recovery is  limited and can't be extensively employed by every Android phone users. If your lost data happened to be stored on the internal memory of the phone, you can only root it and make the Android data recovery software read your phone to complete the Android phone internal storage recovery.

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