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How to Restore Disappeared Recycle Bin Icon and Lost Recycle Bin Data?

Summary: Cannot restore lost recycle bin data for that the recycle bin icon disappeared from your PC? Your precious personal data or report documents disappeared together with the recycle bin icon in computer? In this tutorial article, you’ll find effective solutions to restore disappeared recycle bin icon and lost recycle bin data.

Lost my recycle bin, what can I do?

So I have tried many times that I could not get my lost recycle bin back. My recycle bin icon disappeared, together some important data in the recycle bin also vanished. What can I do? Please help me.

Hey there, do you know how to make disappeared recycle bin icon show up? My deleted data are still in the recycle bin, help.

I deleted my recycle bin. Yes, you do not get me wrong that my recycle bin icon on the computer desktop was deleted. I mean it’s not on the desktop now and I don’t know where it is. Help me find it back please. Thank you.

Have you ever encountered with such a problem that both of your recycle bin and recycle bin data all got lost in Windows? If you are facing recycle bin lost problem and could not find methods to restore deleted data from the disappeared recycle bin, read the following passages, you’ ll find recommended solutions to fix recycle bin and recycle bin data disappeared problems.

Tip 1. Show or recover recycle bin to desktop

How to recover lost recycle bin icon? Or how to restore the recycle bin icon to desktop? If you are facing such a problem, follow next steps to show and recover your disappeared recycle bin icon to desktop now:

1. Open search tab and type desktop icons. Click Show or hide common icons on the desktop.

2. In the Desktop Icon Settings dialog box, select Recycle Bin check box.

3. Click OK.

After these steps, you will be able to see your recycle bin icon on your desktop again.

Tip 2. Recover deleted or lost recycle bin data

When you see the recycle bin icon show up on the Windows desktop again, then you can try to recover recycle bin data from the recycle bin again.

Let’s see how to recover deleted or lost recycle bin data:

Method 1. Undelete data from recycle bin

If you can see deleted data in the recycle bin after restoring the recycle bin icon to your desktop, you can directly undelete data from the recycle bin then:

Open Recycle Bin > Select deleted data and right-click them > Choose Recover

Then you’ll see all deleted data in recycle bin are all restored and you can find them at the previous spots. 
If you can not see any data tracks in the restored recycle bin, you’ll have to turn to professional data recovery software or tool. 

Method 2. Recover data from recycle bin with data recovery software

If you cannot find any tracks of your lost data in the recycle bin after recovering the recycle bin icon back to desktop, professional data recovery software can really help. Syston Data Recovery can help you out of such a dilemma. Free download it and follow next steps to get your data back now:

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1. Launch Syston Data Recovery.

2. Choose file types and scan device - where the recycle bin is.

3. Recover data from recycle bin and save them at a safe spot in PC.

Syston Data Recovery guides to recover lost recycle bin data

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